“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”.


I’m Prerna. My idea of life is to express and express meaningfully. Being a tech-savvy and curious person, I began sharing my experiences online. The information that I share is backed by strong knowledge, research, and trials.

I believe in creating unique, inspirational, thoughtful digital content, which comes straight from the heart. An award-winning Leather designer from NIFT, New Delhi, and a published fashion model, I started my journey from a humble background in Meerut and have come a long way since then. I currently operate from 3 countries including India, US, and Italy & have worked with renowned international brands creating unique and outstanding digital content for my audience which is sizeable and growing in number every day.

As a Design Internee, I created a bestseller handbag range for brand Hidesign. Furthermore, after completing my Post- Graduation in Fashion Management from NIFT, New Delhi, I did a brief stint as a Brand Manager for a renowned Footwear Brand. I left the job for further studies in London. I joined the insta wave during late 2017 and started sharing my experiences, Fashion, Travel, Beauty and life on insta and followers came in to enjoy the content that was original and relatable. Since then my blogs have become my favorite hang-out zone. I speak my mind and write my heart out through my blogs as I truly believe in pushing the real picture for my audience.

Being a traveller and nomad, I divide my time between 3 continents and while doing what I love, creates beautiful content. I iterates that being original is the key while expressing myself on social media, I believe in adding value to someone’s time and life rather than just publishing pictures of instant gratification.

I am also an entrepreneur. I design bespoke clothing and consult people for Image building. Besides, my venture LLAMAGLAMA which is a boutique creative agency. Through my agency, I help individuals by giving them image makeovers, styling them and making them a brand. A lot of my clients have attained success after my makeovers and branding, a fact which makes me proud and happy for them.