Meet Bubble, my baby! As the name suggests he is a Bubble of happiness! Haven’t you heard there is no angry way to say Bubble! It’s exactly the same with him. There has been no dull moment ever since I have had him in my life.
There is no greater joy than welcoming a dog into your home. For years I wanted to become a dog mom, but with college and a job that kept me away from the house for 12–14 hours at a time, it was literally impossible to commit to giving a fur baby the love and attention he or she deserved. I grew up with dogs, but a family dog is very different than having your “own” dog. The bond between you and your four-legged family member is so different when you raise them, nurture them and are their pack leader
After contemplating whether being an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a full-time social butterfly would leave enough room to be a proper “full-time dog mom,”, we decided to get Bubble home. 

Earlier, the simplest thing would upset me. Relationship “problems”, work frustrations, small accidents…they’d all set me off. I wasn’t an angry child, really. .Just easily overwhelmed. As a couple, Miki and I were living the blissful life of DINKs – Dual Income, No Kids. It was a sweet set-up: We travelled, went to fancy restaurants, slept late on weekends and kept fragile vases on low shelves.

Soon, everything we owned was coated in a fine layer of dog hair. Our schedules shifted to revolve around walks, parks and vet visits. 
Bubble changed, my life for the better in ways that I didn’t think he would. He taught me that a slobbery, stinky creature could pee on my shoes, poop everywhere, complicate my life in a million aggravating ways – and at the same time inspire so much love that my heart felt like it would burst with happiness.

Sometimes we longed for the days when we could do dinner, a movie, and drinks without worrying about who would babysit Bubble. I remember on Miki’s birthday we could only sneak out for a late-night dinner when we ensured that the Bubble was fast asleep and won’t wake up from his sleep! (And we did keep an eye on him thanks to the baby monitoring cam) .

All that to say, this little guy has certainly brought more joy into our lives. I didn’t anticipate just how much joy + life he would bring into my life. Among other things, I know that he helped to keep me grounded when the complexity of life in all of its dimensions began to overwhelm me!

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