Social media stress isn’t uncommon, but when left unchecked, it can lead to bigger problems. Studies have suggested that social networking sites are more likely to report psychological distress. While it does give us a platform for self-expression and self-identity, it also associates with high levels of anxiety, depression, bullying and FOMO, or the “fear of missing out.”

Considering the amount of time people dedicate to their social media , it’s important for them to be able to navigate in a way that reduces stress, rather than exacerbates it. Here are some tips you can follow to deal with the related mental stress : 

– Know the signs of a problem

– Take frequent breaks 

– Limit when & where you use social media 

– Have digital detox period

– Make a to-do-list beyond your social media life

– Set goals but don’t be too harsh on yourself 

– Identify triggers 

– When online, indulge in posts/ activities that bring out positivity 

– Meditate 

– Indulge in some form of physical activity 

– Get help! 

Know that, what matters the most is your mental peace…everything else can wait!

Tell me if you have also experienced social media stress?! 

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