I can actually sing the song “All of me loves all of you! “ ❣️
One of the most special projects I have done so far! Being the first Indian blogger to work with this masterpiece!

What more could you ask for then the perfect blend of fitness & design! @ciclotte_official is the evolution of Ciclò, a concept of monocycle studied for sustainable mobility.

Fitness is no more relegated to its functional aspects and its boundaries with design blur. Ciclotte is product entirely Made in Italy by using high-tech materials like carbon and glass fibers, and it is the first exercise-bike which features an electromagnetic resistance system with fly-wheel turns multiplier transmission, able to replicate the feeling of riding on the road.

The shape of the frame, specially created to fit the five spinning positions, makes the approach to the exercise unique and brings the rider to experience the excitement of a road race.



Ciclotte isn’t just an exercising bike but it can smartly sit in your living room as a piece of art!


In India, Ciclotte is exclusively available at Auxiliaries India, which is providing world-class solutions for #Architectural lighting, #Wardrobes, #kitchen and #furniture. The experience center located at E-20, Defence Colony is a must visit.

#PrernaNigam X Ciclotte

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