Being a typical Sagittarius, I love to try new things. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, which also goes for your exercise routine. The importance of different types of exercise extends beyond just alleviating the boredom of routine, but also helps you develop a well-rounded physical experience. I believe Exercise should add to your life, not detract from it so to keep it interesting, I keep trying different activites. Here we are going to talk about gym & Pilates.

Pilates help to strengthen & tone muscles. It also improves on the flexibility & endurance while improving the posture. Pilates is also used as a clinical recovery from any muscle injury.

Gym too does most of these (barring certain level of flexibility) but the kind of muscle gain you would get in gym you won’t get the same in Pilates.

Pilates is definitely a good way to begin strengthening your body if weight training intimidates you. If you are completely opposed to doing strength training, or can’t owing to some health or medical reason, you will still see some strength benefits from a Pilates-based fitness program.

I have always been into weight training & tried pilates for the first time & I  thoroughly enjoyed it but that doesn’t take away my love for the weights.

Personally one of the many things I loved about Pilates when I first started was I could do most of the exercises lying on my back.

While in Pilates the exercises are usually performed lying on your back, the method does include moments that are derived from typical endurance training. Here you see me performing a dead lift which is typically done with weights at the gym but here the spring adds for the resistance!

In the second half you will see me doing standing & bent over lateral raise with wearable weights.

The main difference between the two are Pilates exercises are compound movements that require many muscles (including smaller muscles around your joints) to work at once, while weight training allows targeting muscles in isolation. Strengthening smaller muscles can give you the shape you want.

Pilates and Lifting Weights aren’t mutually exclusive It’s clear! Pilates AND Weight Training are the best way to go. Pilates will teach you how to stabilize while you lift, allowing you to safely lift while getting the most benefits out of your workout. In conclusion, there is certainly nothing like weight training to strengthen the body — but Pilates can provide an interesting fitness alternative for those who can’t abide the gym

My personal fav is weightlifting.

The ultimate goal is to create a better, stronger and more powerful version of yourself. That is my goal!

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