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Since we are spending most of our time indoors, now is the perfect chance to pare down your makeup routine & focus on your #skingoals.

Consider resetting your skin with steps you may typically overlook. Listing down some of the tips to achieve & maintain good skin health:

  1. CLEANSE CORRECTLY– You may be scaling back your usual makeup routine when you’re housebound, but your skin will still be collecting dirt throughout the day, so you’ll need to make sure that you’re cleaning it properly.
  2. DON’T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN: Just bcoz you aren’t wearing makeup every day doesn’t mean you should forgo your daily sunscreen. (Even if you are staying indoors)
  3. APPLY SKINCARE PRODUCTS RIGHT AFTER BATHING: In addition to a quality skincare routine, the timing in which you apply your products can affect moisture retention. Pro Tip: Take to your skincare routine immediately after hopping out of the shower.
  4. KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED– Drinking enough water is essential for overall skin health. Staying adequately hydrated keeps your skin moisturized, healthy & glowing.
  5. EXFOLIATE AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK– Removing the outer layer of dead skin cells will help smooth skin texture, increase the absorption rate of your skincare products & brighten up your complexion.
  6. TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT- When the gut gets irritated & inflamed it can cause skin issues like acne, redness, sensitivity, & even the breakdown of collagen, which can cause wrinkles.
  7. PRACTICE A FACIAL MASSAGE ROUTINE: Consider incorporating facial massages into your routine. These can help relieve built-up tension & stress. Commit to a daily facial gua sha routine or use a jade roller. It only takes a few minutes a day for the post-facial massage glow.
  8. WORKOUT: Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body, thereby leading to brighter, better-looking skin.
  9. INDULGE IN A FACE MASK- Apply masks regularly. Maintain a balance between homemade masks, sheet masks or any other mask.
  10. MINIMIZE STRESS: Chronic stress can seriously damage your skin & even trigger issues like Hairloss, acne etc. If you think that stress is having an impact on your skin, try stress-reduction techniques such as yoga or meditation.



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