It was almost two weeks ago when the sudden summer wave had hit Delhi, Miki developed slight sore throat and cold. Though we assumed it could be due to sudden weather change (coz that’s how miki usually gets the cold). There were no outings for us apart from miki going to office 2-3 times in a week.Still we decided to sleep in separate bedrooms & he wore his mask around me to protect me. Not waiting longer both Miki & I got tested last friday. Awaiting results,it turned out he was COVID+ & I was negative.

But because of my exposure,I also needed to quarantine.So we began our home quarantine in separate rooms.

With every passing day and taking care of him alone, my body started to feel exhausted! I first felt it was due to the sudden increase in work load that I was feeling so exhausted.But on the third day after my negative test, I began having sore throat too and the very next day had running nose.We decided to get me tested again but due to the shortage of tests and staff in Delhi it took us two days to finally arrange for a test. I got myself tested on 15th April, and a day prior to that my temp had already started going up!

On 16th April 2021, we got my reports and the dreadful had happened, I was also COVID+ now!
With both of us positive but still quarantining separately, things are a lil tough to manage by myself but very thankful to friends & family who are helping us by sending us meals coz honestly I have no strength to even get up!

Guys, there is WAY too much spread out there if someone careful like me can get it. Someone who didn’t step out all this while, someone who didn’t even meet anyone, anyone can get it! I’ve heard people say that the people at high risk should stay home. But that’s clearly not good enough!

So far I have had cold symptoms, fever, chills, loss of appetite, diarrhoea and sore muscles.No shortness of breath!
I am in constant touch with my gynac & the specialists to ensure that baby is keeping safe too!
Keep us in your prayers! 🙏🏻

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