I’m a fairly confident person in most situations but put me a few hundred feet above the ground and my equilibrium gets thrown off. I have a fear of heights, but it’s not crippling!

Standing on the edge of anything higher then 4 stories gets me anxious, insides start to flip, my palms start to sweet, and I have to step away from the edge. It seems my fear of heights is selective depending upon the circumstances.

Then, one day I decided to go out of my way with the express intention of showing myself that I can overcome this fear.

In this picture moment, my knees felt weak, I got clammy hands, and my heart was racing and I generally couldn’t focus on anything except how high up I was. Right when the door of the aircraft opened I had a little panic I tried to process what he’d told me on the ground but self preservation had kicked in and all I could think about was putting my head on his shoulder.

As I fell, I was pushed into the clouds and the cold air – my face felt a sudden outburst of cold air slapping my face so hard that my nose turned red and for a few seconds I had trouble getting enough air in my lungs to breathe.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of skydiving, the butterflies in my stomach, the freefall and the intense adrenaline. It is like flying. Once I’d got a handle on my breathing, I tried to look around and savour the moment. It was absolutely incredible.

As the parachute opened the experience suddenly became a lot calmer. It was my chance to look around and take in the scenery.

This is seconds before that moment when I took that leap from the plane & my fear.

Roaring stiff breeze,

And trust me I felt proud of myself after i was done jumping off that plane done it.

To those that jump, no explanation is necessary,
To those that don’t jump, no explanation is needed!
Taste the sky……FREE YOURSELF!!

I seriously cannot wait to go skydiving again.

Skydive✅ #bucketlist

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