Blazers are the quintessential outfits that are to be in every women wardrobe. Winter is the best time to flaunt your blazers but with the versatility of the fabric they are made in, they can also be worn throughout the year. Owing to this versatility, blazers have emerged as a wardrobe must-have instead of occasional wears. Since it can be dressed up for a business meeting or dressed-down for a drink at the pub.  It’s the ultimate SMART/CASUAL piece that can transform any casual look into a stylish, sleek sophisticated outfit.

There are so many variations of a classic blazer in the market.

Listing the 5 must-have blazers for any woman’s wardrobe.

  • Basic black blazer

A simple, well-cut black Single-breasted blazer is possibly the most versatile piece of clothing you can have! It can easily be worn over a dress to make it look more professional or pair it with jeans and a tee to add a chic edge to a casual outfit. Look for a blazer that has some shaping through the back as it will define your waist a little more.


  • The Coloured Blazer

Adding a POP of colour to your winter wardrobe is always a great idea! wear a coloured blazer over a dress OR wear it with all black to add some brightness to a dark look.


  • The Printed Blazer

Just like coloured blazers even the printed blazers bring vibrancy to your look. They can easily transform you into a classier person without much effort. If you are going to attend an official meeting than conventional prints are preferable. Invest in a good printed suit if you are into wearing blazers. The suit can be utilised as separates on a day-to-day basis, giving you three potential statement options to choose from.


  • Cape Blazer

Cape Blazers are the type of blazer which will match with everything. If you need to attend a formal meeting and later hit the nightclub with your friends, then cape blazer is your best choice. Cape blazer is the best friend of your mini dress and it also is worn with a tucked-in informal teen into jeans.


  • Sequin/ Metallic Blazer

If you love parties then a sequin blazer has to be a part of your wardrobe. For a classy cocktail party or prom outfit. Wear a black sequin blazer over any outfit to instantly glam it up! Complete the outfit elegantly with a pair of black pointed-toe heels and a pink leather purse.


In certain business settings, the business suit may be too formal and it’s best to opt for a solid dark blazer; team it with a shirt, high waisted trousers and shoes. You can even wear a scarf/ trendy piece of jewellery to complete the look

Friday Dressing:
Wear the blazer with a dress or denim and good pumps for business casual Fridays at the office. This attire is suitable for an impromptu meeting or an informal client dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Weekend Casual:

A blazer coordinated with culottes or biker shorts is perfect attire for brunch or an evening of jazz, comedy club date.


Travelling overseas:

Owing to the cooler temperature in the many parts of the world, a blazer makes a perfect jacket while travelling, when invited for a meal /drinks to the local pub or when visiting a colleague’s home. Team it with comfortable shoes to complete the look.

Choose a blazer in a colour which can be worn in any season – my recommendation, invest in a solid navy blue or a beige one.



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